Tel Aviv’s Boutique Hotels


Photo courtesy of Diaghilev website.

Diaghilev is part art gallery part hotel. Housed in Bauhaus-style buildings the decor is original art pieces which are rotated quarterly with new art. Currently, there are two art events happening at the hotel.

Balcony in Family Junior Suite. Photo Carol Novis

(Excerpt from hotel website.) We are happy to invite you to 2 exhibitions that are running at the hotel at the moment at the public and private areas. Their opening took place on the 31st of March, the birthday of our inspiration – Sergei Diaghilev.

Free entrance Mo-Fri 11:00-18:00
100 exact miniatures of modern classic chairs
Design exhibition in cooperation with Goethe Institute, from VITRA Design Museum in Germany.
This exhibition is a rare opportunity to experience a huge variety of chairs created by designers, which gives a historical survey of chair design from the 19th century until today.
Musical chairs
Israeli art exhibition- perception of a chair as a status symbol, a tempting object that we struggle for as a part of a game or in reality. 

The Rothschild   

The Rothschild at 71 Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv

An international style hotel with fully furnished executive suites with large living rooms. The amenities list is long and inclusive with concierge service to find anything you might need. The hotel boasts The Cantina restaurant. It is ” Italian dishes with Middle Eastern influences.”

Executive Suite. Photo by Carol Novis

Brown Hotel TLV

Brown TLV Classic Room. Photo – Carol Novis

Our boutique hotel is dedicated to the local arts scene and displays the thought provoking works of street artist Pilpeled alongside visual art made by Tel Aviv’s Nerubay Design studio. (from Brown Hotel TLV website.

The art of street artist Pilpeled. Photo source Brown Hotel TLV.

“No request is too much,” a manager told me. “We pride ourselves on our service.” 

Hotel Montefiore

Hotel Montefiore 36 Montefiore St, Tel Aviv. Photo by Nathan Dvir.

Hotel Montefiore is located in a 1920’s restored heritage building. The hotel restaurant occupies the bottom floor while all rooms are situated above, some with balconies.

Photo credit Nathan Dvir

Photo credit Nathan Dvir

Cinema Hotel


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