Traveling Light

An article by Rhoda Goodman extols the simplicity of traveling light. In her case, that is one carry-on suitcase that doesn’t have to be checked. Rhoda has these additional tips.

  • I picked a basic color, black, and everything I took went with it.  So, much of what I had was either black, white or red.  As a result, just a few items made many different outfits.  I didn’t even wear everything. 
  • All my clothes did not need ironing and drip-dried (I mentioned taking clothes hangers in the article).
  • I took one pair of trainers (which I left in London), one pair of sandals and a pair of flip-flops.
  • My toiletries and make-up was minimal and I bought especially small toilet bags to contain them.
  • Obviously check-in online 24 hours before you are due to travel.  With hand luggage the rest of the process becomes minimal.
  • When travelling long distance, if there are two of you, request an aisle seat and a window seat, leaving a gap between you.  On the flights we were able to book these seats, no one was ever given the middle seat.
  • Drink no alcohol but a great deal of water before and during flying.  Getting up for the loo is good exercise.
  • My daughter-in-law told me to put Vaseline up my nose to obstruct germs.  I don’t know if this worked but we didn’t suffer any illness during our trip.

Another travel tip is packing style. Rolling is just one method, below is a bundle packing system. It is an ingenious way to pack lots of clothes and keep wrinkles at a minimum.

Bundle Packing Method. Photo source:  For additional help and step by step images on this method visit here.





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