Both yoga and feldenkrais provide benefits as there is a focus on the body and they both draw ones attention away from distractions and finding pathways that connect and integrate mind body and spirit.

However, feldenkrais method encourages exploration of ones movement habits and dicourage mindless repetition. Each movement is a new one with a different focus and a new understanding of it. It teaches one to move away from habitual patterns of movement and encourage body and mind flexibility.

In this way the feldenkrais method can support a yoga practice or any sports practice. The education aspect of how to move, the qulity if movement are unique to our way of working and support any physical activity.

People at all states of health can benefit from the method. People who are limited in their movement due to injuries, stiffness , arthritis, chronic back pain as well as people who suffer from repetitive strain injury, balance problem or recovering from operations. As well as musicians, actors and dancers who use their bodies in unconventional and demanding work.

There are professions and activities that are use one side of the body more than the other such as dentists, hair dressers or tennis players and strain and injure themselves due to the onesided overuse.

Anyone who is interested in finding health and flow in their body can benefit from the spirit of exploration in the lessons. 

–Enat Meir



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